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Ranch Management & Leasing

We are looking to expand our ranching operation around Texas! If you are a landowner in Texas and would like to allow seasonal or long-term livestock grazing on your property, we would be interested in working with you. The primary ranching operation we work on and with is Lexus’ families’ Weinheimer Ranch. It has been in continuous operation in Texas since 1878 and New Mexico since 2010. With the ranch we look to continue to carry on that operation hopefully for many generations to come. We primarily operate around Gillespie County, Texas but also stock cattle in East Texas and New Mexico so can work with the right properties anywhere in between. Weinheimer Ranch is a diversified operation and can run cattle, sheep, or Spanish goats depending on each property as well as manage the hunting lease if the owner desires.

What we can offer and benefits of leasing for grazing

 What we can offer:

-Livestock grazing to keep vegetation in check and provide a source of tax exemption

-Maintenance of property such as fencing, brush control, or other small maintenance projects

-Financial compensation or trade for meat in exchange for grazing in certain scenarios

-You can enjoy livestock on your property without the risks/costs of direct ownership

-Hunting lease management if desired

-We can provide our own pens if none are available

-We can gather livestock on horseback to avoid driving off roads on some places

-Long term or seasonal grazing depending on each owners wishes

Benefits of livestock grazing with us:

-Reduction of vegetation through grazing to help reduce fire hazards

-Maintain Tax exemptions

- Ability to enjoy watching livestock grow and thrive without the costs of ownership

-Working with a multi-generational operation to keep ranching lands in operation

-Grazing by livestock can improve habitat for wildlife if done correctly

-Basic maintenance of property fences and livestock facilities is handled

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