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Common Questions

What is the hanging weight?

The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after harvest once the hide, head, hooves, and organs have been removed typically 60-62% of the live weight.

Why are Whole, Half, and Quarter Calves priced on the hanging weight?

The ranch and the butcher are paid on the hanging weight and depending on how you choose to process a whole or half calf can affect the boxed weight price on every order. Therefore, we stick to the hanging weight to avoid having to adjust prices based on each order’s boxed weight.

What is the Boxed Weight?

The Boxed weight is what you take home. This is typically 60% of the hanging weight most of our standard orders are on the high end of that percentage. Bone In cuts will result in a higher boxed weight while boneless cuts will result in a lower boxed weight.

If I weighed all the beef at the end what would the average cost per/lb. be?

The Texas Sized Calf Orders can have an average price per pound as low as $6.69/lb with a standard cut. The Original Whole Calves can have an average price per pound as low $7.09/lb. Both options are great values up against rising beef prices! Not to mention the top quality marbling, tenderness and flavor you will enjoy with every order!

What does the price include?

The price includes a standard cut with steaks, roasts, and miscellaneous cuts vacuum sealed and ground beef packed in one-pound chubs. Additional fees are listed on the cut sheet such as tenderizing, save bones, boneless steaks, and specialty cuts. With a standard cut our half and whole calf options can beat grocery store prices by several hundred dollars per half!! Plus our beef is dry aged and vacuum sealed! 

Are your cattle given any hormones or antibiotics?

No, our cattle are not given any added hormones. The use of antibiotics is only implemented if an animal is sick. If this case arises, we do not butcher the calf through Half Calf

Can We Split Our Order?

Absolutely if you let us know we are more than happy to split an order if needed. Split with friends, family, and neighbors!

Can you save the organ meat?

On whole calf orders only, we can get the heart, liver, cheek meat, tongue, and kidneys back. All the smaller orders will not be able to receive organ meat.

What are the available meet up locations?

Currently the options available to pick up your meat for whole and half calf orders include the ranch in Stonewall and the butchers in Johnson City and Zephyr if we need to cut the distance down for you, we offer meet up locations in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Bulverde, Boerne, Dripping Springs, Burnet, and Marble Falls as well as a few other locations around central Texas. Smaller Orders can only be brought to meet ups or picked up at the ranch. If you would like to see if we can meet at a different location, please give us a call and we will do our best to make our meat accessible to you. We will be adding Georgetown  to our meet up locations by August 2022 to better serve North Central Texas Customers! 

Are your cattle grain finished?

Yes, our cattle will be finished on grain. This increases the marbling and fat cover of the finished product and creates a more flavorful eating experience. 

Is your meat USDA inspected?

All the beef we harvest is USDA inspected. It is not graded due to the absence of a USDA grader at the plants we use.

Are your cattle grass fed/finished?

No, our cattle are raised on grass pasture most all of there lives with access to grain but they are put into smaller pastures as we get closer to harvest to keep them closer to feed. This helps increase the amount of fat they put on to create a higher degree of marbling and better eating experience for our customers. 


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