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Different types of raw pork meat and bee

Central Texas Pork

Locally Raised Natural Pork

Starting at $3.79/lb hanging weight

We supply our clients with high quality, locally sourced natural pork from the Texas Hill Country. We work with local producers to get the best available pork from farm to table for you to enjoy.  Typical fresh cuts included with a pork order include Boston Butt/Picnic Roasts or Steaks, Loin Chops or Roasts, Fresh Pork Belly, Fresh Ham Roasts or Steaks, and Ground Pork. Additional cost items are Smoked and Cured Items (Ham, Bacon, Hocks) and any type of sausage if you would like some made. Call or email us to check availability and reserve your whole hog or half hog today.

Currently Booking December 2023 Harvest

$3.79/lb on the hanging weight includes cutting fee and packaging.

Additional $1.50/lb for cured product weight

Additional Sausage Prices Depend on Type $3.00-4.00/lb

$650-900 Approximate Total Cost 

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