With the Butchers Choice Box you get to take home the same great taste of top quality, locally raised, grain finished beef that's dry aged 14 days for an optimal eating experience in a smaller package.  You will receive approximately 50lbs of beef meat to be an example of what cut options could be available with larger order. Ribeyes, T- bones, and Sirloins will be cut into 1" steaks, Round steaks will be cut at 1/2", Chuck and Shoulder Roasts will be cut 2" thick. Flank or skirt steaks along with short ribs and soup bones will be split to as many boxes as possible. The remainder of the animal will be made into ground beef. The cattle are the same cattle as the other options, raised in Stonewall, Texas on grass and finished on grain with no antibiotics or added hormones. 

Butchers Choice Box

SKU: 0004
  • The Butchers Choice Box is made to give you a sample of what buying a larger beef order would include. We try to pack as much variety as we can into this box to give you the best eating experience possible in a smaller package.

    Steaks- Ribeyes, Sirloins, New York Strips, Filets, T-bones, Chuck Steaks, Round Steaks, .

    Roasts- Chuck Roasts, Arm Roasts, Round Roasts

    Miscellaneous- Ground beef, Flank or Skirt Steak, Soup Bones, Short Ribs, Half  Brisket.

    These are examples of what could be included but does not guarantee it will be included in every box.