This is a Deposit Only

These cattle have not been on feed as long and will not have as much marbeling or fat on the edges of the steaks. This is a good option for someone looking for great flavor packed beef with a little less fat cover or marbeling. With the Lean Whole Calf you can chose how you want your side of beef processed. With this option you will receive two lean side of beef that will cut down to approximately 360-540 pounds of meat depending on the size of the calf harvested. We will contact you with details regarding processing dates and assist in filling out a cut sheet for your half. 

Lean Half Calf

$4.39/lb x Hanging Weight of  approximatly 600-850lbs 

$2700-$3750 Approximate Total Cost


Lean Whole Calf Deposit

  • Lean Whole Calf will include cut options such as:

    Steaks- Sirloins, Ribeyes, T-bones or Strips and Tenderloins, Flank and Skirt Steak, Chuck Steaks, Tenderized Round Steaks or Whole Round Steaks.

    Roasts- Chuck Roasts, Arm Roasts, Rib Roast, Round Roasts

    BBQ Items- Brisket, Short Ribs, Back Ribs, Tri Tip

    Miscellaneous Items- Approximately 50lbs ground beef depending on cut selection and size of calf, Soup Bones/Shanks, Liver, Heart, Tongue.

    Not all cuts listed will be available on every order some will cancel others out