Quarter Calf Share- This is the Deposit only The remainder will be due at pick up of product. With the Quarter Calf you will receive a equally divided quarter of a beef carcass. To ensure fair division of the calf steaks will be cut at 1", roasts will be cut at 2", and anything that can be divided in equal portions will be such as the brisket, skirt, and flank steak. With this option you will receive a quarter share of a beef carcass that will cut down to approximately 110-135 pounds of meat. Pick up/meet up dates will be listed on the top of the store page.

$5.19/lb X 175-225 Approximate Hanging Weight

$900-$1075 Approximate Total Cost. 

Final cost depends on individual carcass weight please contact us at time of order to see what size cattle we are currently harvesting for a closer price point.

Quarter Calf Deposit

SKU: 0003
  • Quarter Share of a top quality, locally raised, grain finished beef carcass.

    The quarter share will have:

    Steaks such as Ribeyes, Sirloins and T-bones, New York Strips, Chuck Steaks and Round Steaks cut a 1" thick.

    Roasts-Chuck, Arm, or Round Roasts cut 2" thick.

    Ground meat, half brisket, a flank or skirt steak, soup bones, and short ribs.

    Some cuts will cancel each other out but we strive to keep a good mix for everyone.