Ranchers Reserve Box

-Cattle Raised By Weinheimer Ranch Stonewall, Tx
-Pasture Raised and Grain Finished for Optimal Marbling 
-No Antibiotics or Added Hormones
-14-15 lbs of 100% Premium Central Texas Beef
-Guaranteed To contain steaks, a roast and no more than 5 lbs ground beef
With the Rancher's Reserve Box you will receive between 14-15 lbs of beef cuts hand selected for each box. This beef is from cattle raised on our family run ranch, harvested less than 20 min away to minimize animal stress, dry aged and vacuum sealed. If you're tired of not knowing where your beef comes from and are ready for better flavor and small batch quality this is the beef for you.
An example mix can consist of:
-One Package of (2) Ribeyes, Ny strips, T-bones or Tenderloin Steaks
-One Sirloin, Chuck or Round Steak
-One Chuck, Arm, Or Round Roast
-3-5 lbs Ground Beef
-Remaining weight made up with premium cuts as needed