a group of hereford and angus cross breed steers in a pasture of grass and yellow flowers.

The Local Choice

We love working with local communities and being part of them. Therefore, we do everything we can to incorporate as much of small town Texas into our meat as possible. Starting with the cattle, hogs, and lambs that are raised by local families and ourselves, to the feed we use, to the butchers we work with we strive to support local people to create an excellent product for you to enjoy. When you choose Half Calf to supply your meat you can be assured that you are getting the best locally sourced meat at an affordable price while supporting the Texas communities we work with to bring our meat to your table.

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Our cattle will be selected from the best local herds available in central Texas. Currently we are using Hereford cross bred cattle raised  on the Weinheimer Ranch located in Stonewall, Texas. These cattle are raised on grass and finished on grain without the use of added hormones  or unnecessary antibiotics.

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We will do our best to be harvesting cattle monthly. We are usually booking a month to two months out on whole, half and quarter calves. We will try to always have Butchers Choice Boxes and Sampler Boxes on hand. To fully reserve your beef we will require a deposit before harvest and remainder of payment upon pickup or delivery of your product.

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The final product Half Calf and Whole Calf orders will be harvested and cut to your specifications. Quarter Calf & Butchers Choice Box orders will be cut into 1" steaks, 2" roasts, with cuts such as flank and skirt steak, short ribs, soup bones, brisket and tenderized steaks split evenly. The remaining beef will be made into ground meat, this is so that we can evenly divide a calf into equal orders that each have an even assortment instead of splitting a carcass into fore and hind quarters. Once the Calf is cut and frozen they will be available for pick up or delivery to select locations.