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Why You Should Be Buying Pork From Small Family Operations

Jun 03, 2024Kameron Haecker

Are you happy with store bought pork?

Its cheap, its lean, its always the same size cuts what's not to like?

Well it typically has little to no flavor. Many people season store bought pork with marinades just to give it some flavor and even then its sometimes lacking. Commercially raised pork produced on a large scale is raised for maximum efficiency and not much else. The hogs are bred to grow fast and to be lean to make the most pounds of pork in the shortest time possible. Additionally hogs are grown in large enclosed facilities with no access to outdoor runs or pasture to forage in. When grown in this setting they will achieve great growth rates but the end result is typically lean and somewhat bland pork.

So why should you try our Texas Raised Pork?

-Unmatched flavor and quality compared to grocery store pork

-All of our pork is from hogs raised by small family run farms

-All the pork produced by our partner farms allow their hogs to have access to pasture or large outdoor runs. 

-All hogs are fed an all natural or organic grain ration that allows good consistent growth. 

-All the hogs are raised with no antibiotics or added hormones

-When you buy from us every dollar goes back into small family run operations not corporate giants. 

-We have a wide selection from pork breakfast sausage by the pound to whole hogs that we custom cut. 

Yes buying pork raised by small family operations is typically a higher cost over store bought pork but the quality of the meat is far beyond what you can get at most grocery stores and every bit you buy helps keep small family run operations going. 

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