Grain Finished Ribeye Steaks

If you are looking for a cut that is tender, juicy, and flavor packed then look no further. Our Central Texas Raised beef ribeyes are sure to please. They produce a robust beef flavor coupled with our beefs great marbling, add your choice of seasoning and they are sure to be a family dinner favorite.
Cooking- Let stand until room temperature is reached then cook over high heat until desired internal temperature. Once done let steaks rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.  
Preferred Cooking Methods:
Cast Iron Skillet 
Half Calf LLC Grain Finished Beef Quick Facts
-Original Cattle raised by our family on Weinheimer Ranch in Stonewall, Tx. We also source cattle from a few other local producers when needed. 
-Grain Finish provides better marbling
-No Added Hormones, Antibiotics, or MRNA vaccine
-14 day minimum aging for tenderness and flavor
Meat Facts
Ribeyes are cut from the rib they are one of the most desired cuts on an animal. They contain four main muscles towards the chuck or front of the animal and two as you move towards the loin and start of the New York Strips. They are one of the most flavorful and marbled cuts on a calf.