Whole or Half Dorper Lamb Deposit

Pick Up

-Locally Raised In Central Texas
 -No Use Of Antibiotics Or Added Hormones 
-All Lambs are cut to order
-Most lambs average $550 per Whole Lamb
-Price is $13.99/lb on the Final packaged weight of the lamb.
-Half Lambs are $13.99/lb and are charged a $25 Split Fee

    We only supply our clients with the very best locally raised and locally harvested Dorper lamb from the Texas Hill Country. If you’re looking for top quality lamb, you’ve come to the right place. These lambs are hand raised by ourselves and close neighbors we partner with to allow us to offer them quarterly.
    This is an example of the cuts you may select-
    • Shoulder roasts or chops
    • Rack of lamb or rib chops
    • Loin chops
    • Leg of lamb roasts or chops
    • Option to save lamb shanks and ribs
    • Ground Lamb
    Some Cuts will cancel others out. Half lambs are done at a standard cut.