Pasture Raised/Grain Finished Whole Calf Deposit

Original Whole Calf Pricing
$5.49/lb x Hanging Weight of 650-800 lbs
Original Whole Calf Total Cost $3550-4300 with standard cuts
-We walk you through your cut sheet
-Completely Customizable 
-Hereford/Angus Cross Cattle 
-Raised on our family ranch by us
-Harvested less than 20 min. from ranch to minimize stress
-Vacuum sealed cuts
-14 day dry age
-Deposit paid online balance due by pick up
Each calf will yield  60-65% of the Hanging Weight as Packaged Cuts
Packaged cuts weight 390-520 lbs depending on cut selection and carcass size
Final cost depends on individual hanging weight.
About The Cattle

If you are tired of grocery store beef and ready for unmatched flavor and small batch quality this is the beef for you. Our Beef is the product of years of breeding for the best carcass traits possible We raise these cattle on pasture and finish with grain. Coupled with good ranching practices that ensure animal welfare in a low stress environment this is a combination that produces marbled tender beef that is sure to please. No added hormones, antibiotics or MRNA Vaccines are used in our beef operation