Pasture Raised/Grain Finished Quarter Calf Deposit

Pyment Options

Quarter Calf Share Flat Cost
Total Cost $1000
Boxed Weight average 110lbs
-Hereford/Angus Cross Cattle 
-Raised on our family ranch by us
-Vacuum sealed cuts
-14 day dry age
-Mix of fore and hind quarters done at a standard cut 1" Steaks & 2" Roasts
-Packaged cuts weight averages 110 lbs 
Cuts that can be included in a Quarter Calf
-Chuck Roasts or Chuck Steaks
-Arm Roasts
-Bone in Ribeye Steaks
-T-bones or Strips and Filets
-Sirloin Steaks
-Round Steaks Bone in or Boneless 
-Flank or Skirt Steak
-Short Ribs
-Shank soup bones
-Half Brisket
-Ground Beef
-Not all cuts will be in every order we change cuts at times so there is a variety 

About The Cattle
Our beef is the product of years of breeding for the best carcass traits possible.
We raise these cattle on pasture and finish with grain. Coupled with good ranching practices that ensure animal welfare in a low stress environment this is a combination that produces marbled tender beef that is sure to please.  No added hormones, Antibiotics or MRNA Vaccine is used in our beef program.